Policies for waynecanderson.com

We are very protective of your personal information. We sincerely appreciate that you have shared your information with us so that we can hopefully serve you but giving you the best that we have to offer.

Rest assured that we will never, sell, rent, loan or give your information to any third party and only our team of very professional people will see, handle and deal in any way with your personal information.

We want to provide learning and equipping products that are of the highest quality possible. If you receive any product, whether it is product that you paid for or have received as a gift from us, we want that product to work well for you as long as you own it. So, if there is any reason that our product does not work correctly for you, please contact us so that we can make it right.

We also appreciate it when you share our information with others. We desire that you “like,” “tweet,” “post,” “+1,” and quote us at any time, and we really appreciate it when you acknowledge our website so that others can be helped, and you do not need our permission to do so.

We, of course, reserve the right to deny our services to anyone, for any reason.

Thank you,

Wayne C Anderson & Team