undergoing a major rebuild

We will Be back Soon

waynecanderson.com is undergoing a make-over

This new website will be a media center for Standsure Ministries, International Apostolic Ministries, our Learning Center and our media outlets. We will announce the “ribbon cutting” for this site on all of our sites and socials. Pray for us as we do all that we can to continue to proclaim the Kingdom of God within your reach.
“I love Jesus better than ice cream and ice cream is very, very good!”


Rebuilding from the ground up! That which was once, “One Minute Power Word” will have more media content and “The Vault” will have the archive of the vintage stuff.


Standsure Ministries

Please visit our main website. It’s chocked full of articles, audio podcasts & video podcasts. For your encouragement, edification, exhoration & comfort. Jesus is the reason.


We have a new Facebook page. Visit us and like the page so you can follow our announcements of new podcasts of all kinds.